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Other Interests

I am Not Obsessed!

My other interests include Education and Teaching, Kadampa Buddhism, Astronomy, Cartography, Display and Video Art, Civil Disobedience and Obsessive Disorders. Here is more information on those topics......

Teaching and Education

I'm trying to understand the various ways in which people learn. We are many and varried. I want to individualize the presentation of information for each of my students. I'm discovering that the teacher must KNOW the student!

Kadampa Buddhism

Everyone follows h(is/er) own path. My life is ordered by the spiritual principles of Tibetan Buddhism. The Dharma allows me to examine both my actions and my motivations, and gives me a true sense that I am just a piece of a greater Consciousness. I take refuge until I become a Buddah to benefit you.


I remember in 4th grade calculating my age at Halleys Comet's return. The night sky in remote areas such as the Czech Shumava fascinates me. So many moving objects! I'm always looking up. If you've ever seen a meteorite streak across the sky, you know exactly what I mean.


My fascination with maps used to be a nightmare, because I kept several boxes of old, out-dated maps. Thank goodness for the Internet! I can pour over a topographical map of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains for hours. See that spring? Let's go find it! Escarpments turn me on!

Display and Video Art

Thought-provoking images stimulate communication. My latest technological addition is a digital cam. I'm sticking wires through my brain and spinning my head around and around, using stop-action animation.

Civil Disobedience

How can one accomplish h(is/her) goals without getting
h(is/er) head bashed in? That's the question. I miss you Dr. King!

Obsessive Disorders

I used to think I was alone with my demons, but now I understand we all have them. They're never going away because they are a part of me. Now I try to learn to live with myself as I am.