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Soviet Times
Where Is The Evil Empire?

It Could Be Closer Than You Think

Please never let it be said that I am not an American, for nothing is further from the truth! I love this country and I am truly one of its most virulent byproducts. This is my country and I will always belong here as long as I choose to stay. So does your unwavering belief in democracy allow me to freely say whatever the fuck I want? Well then, if you honestly believe this is a democracy, or somehow the best government on earth, read on. If you believe this is the most wonderful country on earth and that everyone else in the world wants to come here, read on. If you think this is the golden land of unbounded opportunity for everyone, read on. If you believe that the "Evil Empire" Ronnie RayGun dispatched in the late Eighties is really gone, read on. You may be living in the thick of it, my misguided friend. Time to remove those blinders and change perpectives. It's scary and dangerous, I know! Try and open your eyelids to a subtle squint at first. Look at the evidence around you, and you too may come to realize, that WE are living in soviet times. Welcome to the Evil Empire.

Gondolas in Venice; Actual size=240 pixels wide

If you don't do something, nothing will get done! American military involvement in VietNam ended after years of violent street conflict and rising war causalties broke the federal government's will to continue a war that was against the will of its citizens. The voices of 250,000 people on Pennsylvania Avenue finally won out over "American interests abroad!"

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