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Soviet Times
Pravda Means Truth!

Please don't deny responsiblity for your government's actions "on your behalf." Remember taxpayer, you foot the bill for the mess our government perpetrates around the world. That's why non-Americans hate you!


Josef Stalin
Friend or Foe?
Sometimes Yes
and Sometimes No!

"But I thought we were helping other countries by sending much needed food and medical supplies" isn't a good enough excuse. The evidence is overwhelming! Our federal government tells us lies while spending our tax dollars training terrorist mercenaries and the soldiers of "friendly" puppet-governments the world over. Consider that American soldiers were used to attack soverign governments in Latin America throughout this century. Kennedy's failed attack on Cuba is but one example. Our government has supported blood-thirsty dictators and fascist regimes in Guatemala, Salvador and Panama. US officials traded drugs for weapons in Central America to finance an illegal military campaign against Iraq when Congress cut off legal funding under public preassure. Muhmar Kadaffi studied in this country at public expense. The Arabs who blew up the World Trade Center learned to fly here. Our military supplied the weapons and built the training camps with public money when Osama bin Laden was a pro-American "freedom-fighter" in Afghanistan's struggle against the Soviet Union. The US regularly involves itself militarily in the internal struggles of countries such as Viet Nam, Cuba, Nicquaragua and South Africa using US tax dollars. Not knowing isn't a good enough excuse when our money is regularly spent propping up murderous, non-democratic regimes friendly to US business and military interests. Will you continue to pay to destroy villages and kill people unfriendly to our governement? Why do YOU think they hate us so?