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Soviet Times

What You Say!

From Ula in Poland.....

About "Soviet Times" - I think that you made many Americans mad. When I hear "God bless America ..." makes me feel so small. That's true Soviet and US those two countries had power for many years. But Empire is getting down. Soviets and Americans after the II WW decided about Poland. Who was worst? America was far away, they were just beside. Soviets took care of us. They supposed to help in II WW, but actually they help German. From both sides Poland was attacked by them. How we could win. Have you ever been in Oswiecim Museum. This is a big "cemetery"! You can see there small children shoes, their cloths, hair. Pregnant women where killed for nothing. Who is going to pay for that? Now one. Soviet times started straight after the revolution in Russia, if I remember correct 1918. Many people from Russia came to Poland. Years between 1918 and 1938 Polish economics was growing up. But again War. Just few month before war Poland sing a pact for no aggression with German and Russian, but they made their own pact. Attack Poland, they only discussed about date. After the war Soviet times came to Poland and was until 1989. I'm not sure who was worst Stalin or Hitler. Stalin send many Russian and Polish people to Siberia. Stalin made decisions about Poland. And we could really do nothing. When my mom was young and started work, she said that everywhere was Stalin's photo. Like a God. Good father of the communism. The one who help Poland to get over with German. When I started school in Canada one girl said that she can't get over because her cat is lost. And she was upset at all world. I didn't say anything, but I told myself - she doesn't know what is a real problem. Americans don't understand anything except their own nose. Like best of the best. I think that in your book "Soviet Time" you have to show some drastic pictures, so except reading they can SEE. If they don't see they are not going to believe. Do you know what is Katyn? For about 40 years Soviets were telling that there were killed many Polish soldiers by German, but few years ago Russian said sorry about that. They took a lot of Polish army officers and killed them in the forest, closed to Katyn. I would like to go there, maybe next summer. That would be something. Americans don't realized that Soviet times it's not only about Russia, but about all East countries. In Canada one girl ask me where is Poland, I explain, but she didn't know where is Europe. We used to work in the kitchen - she was my BOSS. I told her that Poland is between Australia and New Zealand. So, how those people can know something about evil, about Soviet, and about communism. When I was younger I didn't understand what was really going on, but now all that stuff about Soviet scares me. Everything what was spoken about Soviet was really good, they were like brothers for us. On special radio station during the night you could hear something. My parents didn't allow me on the beginning, but later I could listen every night. Parents were scared of us, can you imagine what happen to them if someone found out what is going on in our house. When we used to leave in apartment and my parents bought a new rug, after few day some people from something like police came to our apartment and ask for explanation. From where we got money. Americans want safety, how about others. We are humans too. We have needs too. I feel really sorry for Russian. I really like to send you some more information about Soviet times during 1918 till now. How you said before? Bull........?! Am I getting upset? Now, you like the subject about Soviet, I really admire you for that and I like to help and give you some idea if I can and of course if you want. Here is one reporter Woloszanski - he had a program on tv about Soviet, I have to find some stuff about him. Maybe he has e-mail. I had written something that he is going to resign because on tv they wouldn't let him to tell the true. Americans don't like the true because is unbelievable and painful. It's better to sit in from of tv and watch soup of the opera. Did I write okey?