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Soviet Times
What To Do?

First and formost, believe that change is possible. Democracy belongs to all of us, not just to a few rulers who have convinced the public that average people are incapable of making the difficult decisions necessary to run our government. Please! We would not be lost; we would be BETTER OFF without them.

Your Opinion Is Vital!

(1) List the top 5 things that really piss you off.
(2) Prioritize your list. What's the biggest pisser?
(3) Decide which of the things can be changed right now.
(4) Decide on five actions you will take to make that thing that pisses you off better.
(5) Push the limits.

Think about why the issue pisses you off. Tell 5 people why you feel so strongly about it. Tell them your plan for change. Write about it. Make it happen. Get others involved. Have fun. See how far you can go! LISTEN to what others say. LEARN something new. THINK about old issues in new ways. Be open-minded.

Be Willing To Take Action!

(1) VOTE against all elected officials currently in office~local, state and especially federal. They are responsible for the current mess. Shake and bake the government. Elected official was never intended to be a full time job.
(2) WRITE your opinion to newspapers and magazines.
(3) SPEAK out whenever you can. Discuss issues with your friends and family. Remember your goal- to effect change. Stay unemotional when discussing issues. Quietly wait for the opportunity to present your opinion.


Communication is key. People believe what they believe for a reason. Help them understand your point of view. Help yourself by understanding them. Don't argue - ask questions that are thought-provoking. Listen carefully to their responses.

Don't you think the Arabs who blew up the World Trade Center had a reason for their actions? What do you think were their reasons for doing what they did?

Look for opportunities to promote peace and UNDERSTANDING. Our local radio station has a programming slot called 15 SECONDS OF FAME, a wonderful opportunity to concisely articulate an honest opinion on an issue.