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Bruce Gayle

What I do focuses on my ability to present information to individuals in ways that help them understand and eventually master a skill.

Humans are many and varied. We learn at our own pace using our own methods. Some listen and comprehend, some try to follow an example, some read the instructions, some follow the diagram, some figure things out by trial and error, and some are too scared to do anything for fear of failing. In order to teach a group to do some task, all of these styles must be taken into account. The easiest way is to quickly show the ones who want to try to do something, and let those individuals master the skill and show it to others. While student shows student, the teacher then draws diagrams for the diagram people, instructs those needing instruction, and gives small tasks that are easily accomplished to those who need small victories to build their self-confidence. Information disseminates across a classroom from teacher to students and from student to students. It reaches each student at a different time, at a different rate, and by a different method. What is important is that each student has had his/her needs met, that each student has had an opportunity to try the task, and that each student has had an opportunity to master the task to the best of his/her ability.