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Bruce T. Gayle
"The Trick's Not Getting What You Want,
  It's Wanting What You've Got"
                                                           ~Sheryl Crow

Life has taken many turns, but several themes have followed me from the beginning 'til now. My family is very supportive and loving, so I've been given every opportunity to follow my interests and dreams. I've traveled around the world as I wished. My career suits me and I love it. My children love me, and I love them. My home, built in 1840, is under renovation. Life really is quite good.

Today I have a sense of myself that I've never known before. I have begun to understand why I am who I am, and although still incomplete and likely to remain so, my self-awareness grows and gives new perspective daily. In that I find great satisfaction. Spirituality provides me a sense of my place in the overall scheme of things. I no longer feel very alone with my ideas, with my desires, and with my personal demons. I realize everyone has these and, since personal achievement and growth never occur in isolation, it is important that I share mine with you. Click on the links in the upper right hand corner of this page to view various topics.

Hello!  I'm Bruce...